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The NYC Box Set – Tony Arcabascio

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Big thanks to my friend, Eugene Mensah, ever since he put me onto this 3 minute video I just can’t stop watching it.

I don’t know whether anyone else will enjoy this as much as I do.

Judge Tony however you like, but I can relate to everything he is saying in this snippet.

The fact that he swears the whole way through with the most cracked out accent and it’s all centred around New York – it just brings back good memories of all the crazy little things I love about NYC.


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June 2, 2011 at 11:40 am

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Soul Food Sunday’s.

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A project fashioned by Paris Esquire (the brain child behind the REAL radio show), Soul Food Sunday’s puts forward some of the best talent coming out of Liverpool on top of the quality production that many have come to expect from Paris.

This weeks release features Paislie Reid on the track “What’s The Use”.

Click the artwork below to listen to the latest creation from Paris and Paislie, you’re going to enjoy this.

(To download the track, right click on the page and click “save as”).

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May 30, 2011 at 4:18 pm

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The REAL Radio Show (Lucky Number 7 edition).

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The “Lucky Number 7” edition is hosted by Paris Esquire and Cracker Mac (undefeated), with another 30 minute mini mix put together by DJ One2wo (he takes it BACK this week, way back).

Artists you can catch in this edition of the show include Missy Elliot, LL Cool J, Mystical, Frank Ocean, 88-keys, Mos Def, N.E.R.D., Mac Miller, and Jay Electronica.

Two up and coming artists are featured this week on either side of the DJ One2wo mix. Firstly, we introduce to you a man making big noises out of Queens, New York – his name is Action Bronson and he’s bringing REAL hip hop back to the game. The latter half of the show will feature an R&B artist out of Toronto and with supposed links to Drake named The Weeknd. We recommend you take a listen to the show in order to get a taste of what both new artists are bringing to the table.

Paris fully believes this is one of our strongest shows to date so please feel free to comment and let us know what you’re thinking about the new artists featured and the show in general. Follow the show on twitter: @REAL_kcclive

Big love, the REAL radio crew.

Another fan.

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May 30, 2011 at 3:49 pm

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The Weeknd.

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Another musical sensation is brewing in Toronto with the emergence of The Weeknd (that’s not a spelling mistake).

Little is known about who The Weeknd is, but with a recent co-sign from Drake on his Twitter account, the House of Balloons mixtape is blowing up fast.

Many are comparing the mixtape to Drake’s So Far Gone from 2009 with similar production to that of Noah “40” Shebib. Despite the fact that 40 and Drake have had no (known) input into the House of Balloons mixtape, its widely believed that The Weeknd will feature on Drake’s future album.

You can catch a feature on The Weeknd tonight on The REAL Radio Show tonight from 7-9pm on 99.8FM or kcclive.com or on the podcast that will be released in the next 10 days.

In the mean time, check out my favourite track from the House of Balloons mixtape:

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May 29, 2011 at 7:48 pm

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Matt Stevens – Air Max 1 A Day

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Stumbled across Mr Stevens’ work thanks to the Size? blog today.

The designer/illustrator is in the process of creating a different visual interpretation of the classic Air Max 1 silhouette every day. Matt has completed graphical work  for an ever growing list of companies including Facebook and Sneaker Freaker, you can find more of it here.

Enjoy some of my personal favourites from the Air Max 1 a Day collection:

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May 27, 2011 at 11:47 pm

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The REAL Radio Show (UN-THINKABLE edition).

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For anyone who cares, here is the 5th installment of the REAL radio show from a few weeks back.

The “UN-THINKABLE” edition.

Once again featuring Paris Esquire, Cal Buttons, Cracker Mac (undefeated) and Johan a.k.a DJOne2wo.

As always, hip hop love, banter and general knowledge (yeah we’re smart) – with major artists dotted in between the musings, including: Pharrell, Soulja Boy (no really), Dip Set, Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Brandy (yeah we got love for the ladies over here), Jay-Z, Kanye, Swizz Beatz (again), Destiny’s Child (yeah we really do like the ladies), Timbaland, Ginuwine, Twista, and a special 30 minute feature on Rakim & Eric B’s “Paid In Full” album – one of the greatest hip hop album’s of all time.

Not to mention, Johan, aka DJ One 2wo, our resident DJ throws up another mix of the latest and greatest of Hip Hop, R&B and all the genre’s in between. He is a bad man.

You can catch the REAL radio show every Sunday evening from 7pm till 9pm on 99.8FM or  at kcclive.com.

This whole show is brought to you from the streets of Liverpool.

Thanks to everyone who contacted us to say how much they enjoyed the last podcast, the response was a little overwhelming and we hope to keep you listening to the show over the coming months.

We really do appreciate your support, we can only hope all of our listeners are as good looking as she is…

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May 25, 2011 at 12:54 pm

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Oh Mila Kunis.

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Sorry if you already caught a load of this back in February but it’s worth watching twice (or thrice).

And for anyone who just wants a chick who can rap – with a pretty face of course –  please witness:

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May 20, 2011 at 1:18 am

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